Who are we

Who are we? Irena, Marija, Ivan and Mario. We have put up with each other and have been getting along for too many years. One of such merry days in 2016, the girls had an idea about small candles in cans, which was hardly a welcome sight for the guys! However, they skilfully started handcrafting and filling scented little candles while the design and labels were left to the other part of the team.

Soon the candles were joined by more tin can products such as teas and gin spices, as well as gins, tonics, planners and piggy banks, while each of the products is small enough to be placed into any suitcase (kofer) and travel all around! The guys suggested displaying it to everyone in one place, while the girls grumbled it couldn't be done. Even so, by working together we managed to pack our own Kofer. as well and put it on display at the address Gundulićeva 13 in Zagreb! Those of you... who cannot arrive there can take a walk through our website, so we'll let you do just that. 😊

Your Suitcasers (Koferovci)